Warranty & Product Care


Every piece of POCHE is covered by our two year warranty. Should your jewellery suffer a breakage or tarnishing due to a manufacturing defect, we are committed to ensuring that your piece is replaced at no cost to yourself if returned in under two years of receipt of the product.

Product Care

All our products are made of 925 sterling silver or brass, plated with rhodium or  18 K gold. The gold or silver layer will slowly fade over time and the brass will be exposed. This is a natural process of a plated item and is not a product defect.

To ensure your POCHE pieces stay bright and shiny for as long as possible, please follow rules decsribed in POCHE care card you receive with each of your order, keep them away from chemicals such as perfume and chlorine, and store them in a cool dry place in an individual POCHE vagan-leather bag to avoid your jewellery tangling or scratching each other.

If you have any questions, please do contact pochesales@gmail.com

We truly hope you will fall in love with your new jewelry piece. It's made with love by the best artisans to make you feel special and unique!