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Binder Mono Earring

Binder Mono Earring

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Material: Sterling Silver 925, Enamel

Finishing: 18 K Gold plating

Length: 1,5 cm

Weight: 5 g

Product Code: 03-BIND-WT

Can be worn as a pendant on the chain.

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+ About Collection
Playground Collection was created to immerse in the childhood memories, when all objects around us were colourful and full of variations to play with. The Collection was born out of the mutual desire to create jewelry that is as playful as ready-to-wear and that maintains the same level of craftsmanship and exquisite attention to detail. Playground represents incredible work with bright colours and mixing different materials together to create something very unique and special.
Binder Mono Earring
Binder Mono Earring
Binder Mono Earring
Binder Mono Earring