Each POCHÉ piece comes with a 6-month international warranty that covers repair, stone setting verification, weld control, polishing, and surface treatment to restore the original appearance or replacement of the item, upon receipt of a valid proof of purchase.

However, it's important to note that the warranty does not cover mistreatments of the jewelry, such as surface scratches, color fading under normal wear and tear, missing components, or damages resulting from misuse. For more details, you can contact POCHÉ by sending an email to

Please also be aware that if the jewelry is outside of the warranty period or there is no proof of purchase, POCHÉ may not be able to provide assistance. It's always recommended to keep your proof of purchase in a safe place for warranty claims.



POCHE pieces are handcrafted to last. A statement of your values, protect the planet by taking care of yours — reducing the need to buy new and use additional virgin materials. 

Please follow the below care instructions to keep your POCHE piece looking fresh:
• Keep it away from perfumes, body lotions and other chemicals
• Protect your jewellery from contact with hard surfaces
• Avoid direct contact with water (i.e. remove before spa, pool and sea, while showering or doing sports)
Store your jewellery in its POCHE pouch when not in use

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