About Us

POCHÉ is a fusion of custom jewelry and sustainability for those who want to make an impact. Aspirational yet attainable hand-finished pieces are unapologetic in their experimental combinations of vibrant colours, materials and shapes, our pieces become iconic gifts, adding a touch of POCHÉ aesthetic to every adventure—from packaging to travel. The one-of-a-kind designs speak for themselves — and they make a statement.

POCHÉ is made to stand out. Whether layered on an eccentric look or adding punch to a minimal moment, it is the link between your vision of yourself and the vibe you put into the world. Funky and accessible pieces that can be worn over and over, becoming a dopamine ritual to you.

Never classic, but still chic. Outside the trend cycle yet on point. Effortlessly cool, with a conscience.

POCHÉ was founded in London in 2022 by two Ukrainians Tati and Nadiya. Much like the confident pieces they create, they celebrate their story’s unconventionality — two friends turned forever soulmates from opposite professional backgrounds, who launched fashion jewelry line. Tati studied luxury fashion branding in London, going on to work at industry leaders like VAARA sportswear brand, Roja Dove and David Morris jewelry, while Nadiya managed global teams in the worlds of business and data science. While successful in their ambitions, both knew they wanted to live their lives on their own terms. This passion and energy ignited a creative spark around their shared love for jewelry and POCHÉ was born. By embracing their differences instead of apologising for them, Tati and Nadiya have realised a brand that speaks to a global community of creators, change-makers and fellow action-takers who define themselves by their differences. And want to make a difference in this world. 

POCHÉ is an entirely vegan brand, with sustainable and circular ambitions. Jewelry should impact style, not the planet.

POCHÉ pieces are designed to provoke thought and attract attention. Each mindfully enhances the style, personality and vibe of their wearers through playful combinations of colour and shape. Never subtle, always with a strong point of view. Just like their wearers, they are not for everybody — and that is what makes them exceptional.

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